Dream Builds: Satchel Cronk's Santa Cruz Megatower

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Peer into the workshop of Bike senior editor and former World Cup race mechanic, Ryan Palmer, as this year’s Bike Magazine Editors’ Choice Dream Builds come together. Take an artfully captured and detailed journey as collections of each editor’s favorite components take shape into their vision of the perfect bike. In this video, we see Palmer building our Photo & Video Editor Satchel Cronk's bike, a mean Santa Cruz Megatower decked for the downhills.
SRAM’s groundbreaking AXS wireless system takes care of the power system, suspended on coil and air Fox Factory dampers and completed with Code speed-scrubbers, custom Santa Cruz Reserve/Chris King/DT Swiss wheels, a Deity saddle, a glorious Reverb AXS wireless dropper, and an extra-short, revolutionary Pacenti bar and stem combo. Satchel is over the moon with it, though unfortunately that means we're having a hard time coaxing him into the office these days.
Stay tuned for more on this bike, have a look at all of this year’s Bike Magazine Dream Builds, and try not to drool on yourself.

Romel Ramo
Romel Ramo преди 2 часа
I really wish I have the money to afford that bike but sadly I dont😢😔
Leandro Gamer
Leandro Gamer преди 10 часа
Como se chama esse pneu
Karen Bonan
Karen Bonan преди 20 часа
you are a fk good the best!!!!!!!!
Vansh Ahir
Vansh Ahir преди 23 часа
fabio wimbers bike🔥
Tapan Deka
Tapan Deka преди ден
My dream bike is awesome
Payel Das
Payel Das преди ден
Plese give me a cicyle
Azamat karimov
Azamat karimov преди ден
wow it will be rubbish after 2 years
Jerome 64
Jerome 64 преди ден
shisank yt
shisank yt преди ден
My cycle prize is 36000
guitoune enfants
guitoune enfants преди 2 дни
fais moi un velo fisdep
Twój stary bukja
Twój stary bukja преди 3 дни
MB BB преди 3 дни
Any idea guys on how much this whole build cost?
Khristine Jane Catamin
Khristine Jane Catamin преди 3 дни
Wow....like.... bike soon...
Alan Daniel
Alan Daniel преди 3 дни
En cuato la vendes tu bicicleta
patrick mahnic barbosa
patrick mahnic barbosa преди 4 дни
Name of the Song?
Anandhu FF
Anandhu FF преди 4 дни
Next level background music fully calming video
*DANGER SADIK* преди 4 дни
A whole new level of satisfaction
David Santillan
David Santillan преди 5 дни
Quiero una 🚲👍
Mohammad Farran
Mohammad Farran преди 5 дни
Its my dream bike 😔😔😔
TE 5150
TE 5150 преди 5 дни
Screw dream builds. Id literally mow someones lawn for 10+ years to get a santa cruz
Nik’s bike channel
Nik’s bike channel преди ден
Jordy geovanny Chiguano aray
Jordy geovanny Chiguano aray преди 6 дни
hola quiero una donde la puedo comprar
Sheker Latha
Sheker Latha преди 6 дни
Where you buy his all items
Sheker Latha
Sheker Latha преди 5 дни
Please sir
Shabeer Ak
Shabeer Ak преди 6 дни
Totally rate ?
LaRrY JoHn
LaRrY JoHn преди 6 дни
you beautifull bike wow😍😍❤️❤️❤️🥳
Don Vincent Acosta
Don Vincent Acosta преди 6 дни
That is so very beautiful bike
REDELION YT преди 7 дни
نعم يا سادة لقد وقعت في شباك الحب
Sheela Devi
Sheela Devi преди 7 дни
Xhaku Kasa
Xhaku Kasa преди 8 дни
영서 преди 8 дни
혹시 한국인이 없으려나.... beautiful(할때마다 듣기좋타)
Reshmi Reshmi
Reshmi Reshmi преди 9 дни
A cycle dam koto
Achillespalomar _milo
Achillespalomar _milo преди 9 дни
I don't know what does having a bike feel like I didn't have my own bike since I was 4-1
Mohammed Uzair
Mohammed Uzair преди 9 дни
I want this cycle
Mohammed Uzair
Mohammed Uzair преди 9 дни
Please give me your number
Nok Lem
Nok Lem преди 9 дни
Somebody take me to this mans cealing
Nok Lem
Nok Lem преди 9 дни
Cahaya Risky
Cahaya Risky преди 9 дни
What a backsound?
DILRAJ преди 10 дни
Beautiful 😊😊😊😊
x!A!lex~ преди 10 дни
What song is it? The last one
mehdi ezzaroualy
mehdi ezzaroualy преди 10 дни
I want this bike 😊
RIKOLO F2F преди 10 дни
😴😴😴😴😴 vidéo jbli n3as
houari habbas
houari habbas преди 10 дни
I dont have a bike because have no money to by it i always wishing to get one like this😭😭
Prabha Anil
Prabha Anil преди 11 дни
🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 is. There any indians Malayali power varatte
Adver jasiel
Adver jasiel преди 13 дни
Wow es inteligente 😎😎😎
anonymsstudio преди 13 дни
This video would've been great with commentary of the assembly process instead of sleepy music and poor beer pouring skills.
ANTHONY WEST преди 13 дни
I dont have a bike and I really want a bike maybe someone would do giveaways hehe
Manik Manik
Manik Manik преди 13 дни
how much that bike brother
Jhon Tejeda
Jhon Tejeda преди 14 дни
Gracias por el vídeo me fue muy útil 😺
Tom Smyth
Tom Smyth преди 14 дни
Such a douchey video
Jaspal Lall
Jaspal Lall преди 15 дни
Kidda big willy very good that’s why bikes are expensive I love it
Michael Tojot
Michael Tojot преди 15 дни
Very like it
R Gentong
R Gentong преди 15 дни
Seandainya sepeda itu jadi milikku 🤭
R Gentong
R Gentong преди 15 дни
Keren mantap
Abdulla Yusf
Abdulla Yusf преди 15 дни
How much does it cost?
blad mendoza
blad mendoza преди 16 дни
I don't have a bike but I'm satisfied to watch this video, you can see the love and passion of what he is doing. ❤️
Liam Harrison
Liam Harrison преди 2 дни
@Mohammed Uzair .
Mohammed Uzair
Mohammed Uzair преди 9 дни
Dilakshi Gunasekara
Dilakshi Gunasekara преди 14 дни
Dasari Ashok
Dasari Ashok преди 17 дни
Please call me this 9989382119
Dasari Ashok
Dasari Ashok преди 17 дни
How much chot of this cycle
Bag-ay преди 17 дни
Oh I really want one my dream bike
ramesh Atutkar
ramesh Atutkar преди 19 дни
How to purchase this bicycle
La perle blanche
La perle blanche преди 19 дни
الانها جميلة جداً ورائعة
La perle blanche
La perle blanche преди 19 дни
هل هيالبيع
tutan sarkar
tutan sarkar преди 19 дни
Qq qqqqqqqqqqq
parsa dehghan
parsa dehghan преди 19 дни
amazing work
Andresa Cruz
Andresa Cruz преди 20 дни
Will i
K Drama Series
K Drama Series преди 20 дни
perminus njiru
perminus njiru преди 21 ден
how much will cost me to ship this to Kenya
kevon sande
kevon sande преди 21 ден
We don't have it in Iraq🇮🇶😔
abde rrahim
abde rrahim преди 22 дни
حسين هادي
حسين هادي преди 22 дни
بيش هذا الباسكل وشنو صناعته
Film kids
Film kids преди 22 дни
I want 1 cycle please give me
Ryan Trucilla
Ryan Trucilla преди 23 дни
Can you give me a bike sir because i need it for service purpose
Joe's Bikes
Joe's Bikes преди 23 дни
This is so well filmed, great build too
Nathaniel Reyes
Nathaniel Reyes преди 23 дни
cries in broke*
Stephanie Santos
Stephanie Santos преди 24 дни
Pago 3,000 R$ REAIS na bicicleta
Atharav Ramteke
Atharav Ramteke преди 25 дни
Plz give me
Jonas Delos Santos
Jonas Delos Santos преди 25 дни
i thought he will rotate the bike at the end
MEGACRAFT YT преди 26 дни
Imagine how much pain you got from building the wheel set .🤔
Hayden Faulk
Hayden Faulk преди 26 дни
Dude I’d sell a kidney just to build my own wheels 🥺
khirrthanan naidu
khirrthanan naidu преди 26 дни
hi there , could you pls give me a bike i would really like to go mountain biking pls . im sorry for asking but i cant afford it right now pls .
Thea van der Wal
Thea van der Wal преди 27 дни
Pretty Sad on LSD
Pretty Sad on LSD преди 28 дни
oh my god it'd Jason borne. He's beginning the believe
Rayman2416 преди 8 дни
It’s to believe get it right
Diego Gamer
Diego Gamer преди 28 дни
Hello I'm from Brazil, do you sell or donate this bike that you make?
Raphael Araujo
Raphael Araujo преди 27 дни
Tem na loja da santa cruz bikes mano... 90 mil reais cada
Dipali Deep
Dipali Deep преди 29 дни
Video is slow
حسين الكنك
حسين الكنك преди 29 дни
SOFIAN O преди 29 дни
عطيها ليا نبقى غي نشوف فيعا😅
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh преди месец
Wireless gear 😯😯😯
Josh Morris
Josh Morris преди месец
This is true beauty
Rekha Nagendra
Rekha Nagendra преди месец
This cycle name
R.D.X. Gaming
R.D.X. Gaming преди месец
YOU look like 😀ed sheeran 😊
Pringgo Ar ridho
Pringgo Ar ridho преди месец
Very good Santa Cruz
Pringgo Ar ridho
Pringgo Ar ridho преди месец
I like Santa Cruz
Angela Benitez
Angela Benitez преди месец
Para mi hijo que le encantan las bicis que haces.🥺🥺
Angela Benitez
Angela Benitez преди месец
Me regalas una bici??🥺🥺
ferelcheff cheff
ferelcheff cheff преди месец
Donde venden esas bicicletas
Ich liebe Fabio
Ich liebe Fabio преди месец
He got the same brakes and the same derailur as me
MOHAN RAKESH преди месец
How much this cycle cost in india
Kadek Wijayanta
Kadek Wijayanta преди месец
Hundred million rupiah i think 😅 quality have a price
Rajan Singh
Rajan Singh преди месец
Dont worry he was drinking apple juice😂
robert hernandez
robert hernandez преди месец
Donde la puedo compra
Finn Müeller
Finn Müeller преди месец
Does anyone have any idea how much this bike costs here in the us? Cause a bicycle exactly like this one, with sram xx1 kit here in Brazil is sold from 98k
Mason and Thomas
Mason and Thomas преди месец
Yes please
Siby Varghese
Siby Varghese преди месец
Iam love this cycle
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